British women do not care about hygiene?

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Every third Briton washed once every three days – informs “Independent”. New research shows that a large proportion of women in the UK does not bathe or do not take a shower because of fatigue.One in three residents of Islands admits that it does nothing towards hygiene for at least three days in a row. 57 percent. respondents admits that he has awareness of the need to take care of hygiene, but there is no time to take a bath or shower before going to bed – instead they prefer to freshen up.The survey was conducted over two thousand women (Cheap London escorts) by the manufacturer of products for skin care, plus Flint Flint. It also showed that as much as 60 percent. women are not washed off makeup at night before going to sleep.Respondents asked about it or wash up in the morning, only every fifth woman replied that she takes a shower every day, and 30 per cent. every third day.
Interestingly, 92 per cent. British women interviewed are aware of the importance of skin care and the importance of enough sleep and hydration of the body – informs “Independent”.
– It is alarming how many women do not care about your skin, not observing the rules of her care, or proper sanitation. It’s important to wash your face every day and moisturize it properly – says Maxime Flint, the owner of the investigator.

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